Angus Beef is known for its finely marbled meat, which means that the fat is dispersed evenly against the actual cut of meat. This marbling that of Angus cattle typically creates a more tender, juicy and flavorful meat than other breeds, In fact, Black Angus Beef, the most expensive cut,is graded a 6 on a marbling scale of 1-12. Black Angus beef are fed with grain & not grass,in addition to messaging to prevent muscle cramping which makes the meat more tender and juicy.

Wagyu beef is beef grown from the wagyu cattle . It was once nearly exclusively raised in Kobe,Japan, where it is considered the premium cut of beef because of its extensive marbling.In fact, Wagyu beef tends to be graded at 12, making it a very rich cut of meat.

Much of Wagyu beef is now grown outside of japan,making it distinct from kobe beef.Because of the limited space for raising cattle in japan,smart growers in other regions realized they could made a bundle on raising wagyu beef cattle elsewhere.Most food experts cite no significant difference between the taste of wagyu beef versus that of kobe beef.

Because of the extensive fat marbling, Wagyu beef may look like it’s covered in snow. It’s also sometimes referred to as “white” beef. Some, who prefer a leaner cut, may find Wagyu beef not worth the trouble or expense because they simply don’t like the fat. Also, cooking Wagyu beef in traditional ways will produce inferior results. Much of Wagyu beef is either prepared as steak tartar, or in quick pan searing methods. If you overcook Wagyu beef, you’ve wasted a lot of money.