Tender and succulent satisfaction
LVD, the Latest Version Diner, takes the concept of a hearty American diner and cooks it up to a unique twist by serving sensational high quality steak burgers and premium steaks in a casual setting with casual prices, Using prime Black Angus and Wagyu beef freshly imported from Australia, and high quality ingredients imported by air from USA and Australia and serving fresh Black Angus hot dogs from the USA. This passion for quality can be relished in every bite and extends to the selection of French and Chilean wines and expert wine pairing.
Because the meat is truly outstanding, it is served grilled, braised and oven baked to seal the flavors and is never well done and always succulently medium to medium-well, preserving the incredible flavor and intense juiciness.
LVD serves Premium Steak Burgers. This difference in taste makes the plain steak burger a champion of flavor that can be savored without the need for toppings. But if you’re a topping lover then LVD offers a delectable selection of classic extras like BBQ, bacon, cheese and more. The hand pressed burgers are seasoned and grilled to perfection and the indulgent specialty steaks will satisfy even the pickiest meat-lover.

The taste of quality
LVD is all about quality: from the halal certified Black Angus and Wagyu beef burgers and specialty steaks to the freshly sourced chicken, mouthwatering selection of breakfast items, crisp salads, tempting starters, delectable desserts, juicy smoothies and rich shakes.

Start the day and chill
LVD opens at 8 am till 11.30 am making it the ideal place for a relaxing breakfast or brunch. The menu features a scrumptious selection of breakfast including boiled and fried eggs, corn flakes, mouthwatering buttermilk pancakes and plenty of delicious extras.

LVD invites you to raise your glasses. The diner has a bar that serves the indoor and outdoor seating areas.

Lush Terrace And Sunset Pleasure
LVD has an outdoor terrace complete with a small, lush garden and unique vista and a stunning open views of Dbayeh Marina. The wall adorned with small, dark bricks and the earth tone floor continues this rustic theme while providing a contemporary, urban feel.

Seeing is believing
Through its, the bustling cooking action at LVD awakens the appetite. A feast of visual temptation and alluring aromas. The open kitchen is also testament to the cleanliness freshness and quality ingredients that go into each dish.

Wine Pairing
To heighten your dining pleasure LVD has a total wine pairing experience. The refined French and Chilean wines on offer have been expertly matched with the different dishes on the menu. The result is the perfect marriage of food and wine. Important to mention that we also serve local wines.

Appetizing appetizers
The starters at LVD are exceptionally tasty prelude to the culinary delights to come. The rich creamy mushroom soup warms the heart. The fries and wedges with optional chili topping and baked potato are rounded with flavor. The mozzarella bars have unmistakable homemade charm. The chicken breast strips and onion rings are crisp and light. The nachos stand out since they are exclusively imported from the USA and come with spinach and chili con carne. The salads are fresh and unique, especially the green artichoke salad with mixed greens and artichokes imported to ensure great quality.

Sweet temptation
Discover a sweet slice of heaven at LVD. LVD has a rich selection of Dessert imported from the USA and are big on taste such as apple cheesecake, crunchy caramel peanut cake, Oreo cookies and cream cake, and ebony and ivory cake. A sweet treat is hard to beat, especially at LVD.